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Hyde Pod Juice 30ml TFN 0
Hyde Pod Juice 30ml TFN 1
Hyde Pod Juice 30ml TFN 0
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Hyde Pod Juice 30ml TFN

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Hyde Pod Juice 30ml TFN is the product of brand Hyde, it's one of the best vapor products with the option of Blue Razz Cotton Carnival 55mg, etc.


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Hyde Pod Juice 30ml TFN Instructions


Hyde Pod Juice is packed at 30mL capacity and available in 9 flavors. The flavors line seems to be a summer theme with various fruity mixes. Among these attractive options, Fuji Apple is mingled with menthol and apple and gives you satisfying sweet vapor. When vaping tropical nectar flavored juice, it feels like a piece of flower fall down and touches your nose softly, which makes you immerse in the honey. Aside from sweetness, sour flavors are also popular. The Pink Lemon and the Lemon Bar option will bring you refreshing and a sense of cooling. If you like icy feelings blooming on your taste bud, you can select Jewel Mint Ice or Jewel Mango Freeze. The minty or freezing will linger on your tongue when you exhale the vapor, leaving you a comfortable feeling.

Hyde Pod Juice is not only rich in flavors but also in its nic salt level. It is designed in two levels, 35mg and 55mg. Most nic lovers like 55mg better, which offers a gradual change for those smokers and lets them adapt to vaping. Hence, it is an ideal nic salt level for those who begin giving smoking and start vaping.

Important Note: Hyde Pod Juice is infused with synthetic salt nic and specifically used for POD SYSTEMS or some low-power pod vape. It is not suitable to use with sub-ohm tanks.


  • Portable packed
  • Various flavor choices
  • Tobacco-free nic
  • Two nic levels available


  • Salt Nic in Vape Juice: 35mg; 55mg
  • Vape Juice Volume: 30mL
  • Flavor Options: Strawberry Mango Dragon Fruit, Tropical Nectar, Blue Razz Cotton Carnival, Lemon Bar, Fuji Apple Freeze, Pink Lemonade, Jewel Mango Freeze, Pear Peach Freeze, Jewel Mint Ice.

Package Includes

1 x Hyde Pod Juice TFN 30ml

Hyde Pod Juice 30ml TFN 0
Hyde Pod Juice 30ml TFN 1

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