Hyde Edge Series Overview

Hyde Edge series are the one of best disposable vape choices in 2022. All thanks go to the brand for crafting the super-friendly and convenient devices due to sleek design, affordable and top-tier performance. Anyone can take a step in hitting the vaping journey with these Hyde Edge disposable vape series. A straightforward, simple working design that doesn’t demand experience from newbies. Suitable for all levels of e-cigs users. Use the Hyde disposable vapes for smooth and rapid vapors without taking hold of any unnecessary vaping equipment. Bringing these e-cigs devices for easiness into the vape market eliminates the hassle a vapers experiences during dabbing.

No one would like to overlook other notable features like puff counts, Hyde Edge flavors, and battery capacity. Today in this review, I will share our team and my personal experience with Hyde Edge series vape devices. In addition, I’ll unveil some amazing facts, including how It looks like, what’s inside the package, how it feels when touching it, etc. Let’s rock!

Hyde Edge 1500 Puffs Review

Hyde Edge 1500 puffs is usable until the 6mL e-liquid doesn’t pop off. Also, a non-rechargeable built-in vape 1100mAh battery unless stopped hitting. If you are not a heavy vaper and adore the lighter puffs, Edge 1500 power can stay with you for a week or maybe more. Each package of this series comes with an ideal e-juice concentration and puffs number. This e-cig disposable pen has a vast flavor range, namely Peach Gummy, Strawberry Banana, and 10 more. Enjoy the 1500 puffs count with the chosen tasty flavor before discarding.

What does our team love about Hyde Edge vape? The nicotine dosage and ingredient in each disposable vape are delicately formulated. Furthermore, free from burnt or harmful taste. The VG (vegetable glycerin) and other ingredients. Bolster the nicotine & flavors taste and make the e-juice more delicious. In last, your taste buds can appreciate the real scrumptious clouds. Never miss the chance to vape with Hyde Edge 1500 puffs vape pen!

What It Looks Like

I like the Hyde Edge packaging and its overall stunning look. Let me share my first impression of its look when I took this out from the wrapping. The elegant shape of the Hyde Edge disposable vape is as good as the other series of Hyde vape bars. If truth be told, I’ve never seen such an even up mouthpiece, which is perfectly packed and protected by a small accessory. It’s different from other disposable e-cigs on the market.

Additionally, the Edge version texture is thicker and wider, designed to provide protection counter to unexpected scratches. I would rate the look of the Hyde Edge vape 10/10. This sturdy style maintains the dignity of beauty and classic.

How It Feels Like When Vaping

When I took my first draw with the squared-off mouthpiece of Hyde Edge vape, it made me feel over the moon. Flavor constancy was the same throughout the vaping and vapor production updated with higher hits. Many thanks to Hyde for keeping the flavor taste and cloud thickness the same as the old ones.

Our team is impressed with stronger Hyde Edge hits, especially puffs number, which is 1500. So good for a novice. We would also recommend the Edge Rave for substantial vapers if they want the disposable with a long-lasting puff limit.

You have never experienced such relaxed and energetic feelings before, even after smoking thousands of electric cigarettes. But a single draw of Edge disposable vape can do magic and would let you feel you’re in dreamland. Feels pretty good!

Hyde Edge Flavors Ranked And My Recommendations

I especially admire the Strawberry Banana flavor of Hyde Edge 1500 puffs vape. It’s really hard to put the taste feelings into words. No wonder my taste buds never felt damn good before giving a shot to this savor. Neither too sweet nor overly sour. Because the strawberry& banana aroma and palate are different and so lip-smacking, a puff of the cleanest of these 2 blends of fruits tastes to hit the throat and releases the stress. Make you feel so comfortable.

I gave a chance to another flavor to hit my throat with a yummy taste, namely Hyde Tropical Gummy. Breathtaking sensitivity of gummies and core of tropical flavors. I can’t stop myself from saying Hyde vape juices are seriously mind-blowing. They have something special for their vapers being delicious, giving a positive vibe and appetite for drinks, candies, and fruits.

Let’s cut a long story short, I recommend these 2 flavors and am 100 percent sure that your taste bud has never gotten these delicious flavors.

Cloud And Flavor Real Test

Flavored clouds will take you toward different dimensions. Having a beautiful mouthpiece allows you to inhale quickly. Whenever I test flavor and cloud, I maximize the airflow. You can do the same. You’ll love the Hyde Edge hits after maxing out. Hyde disposable vape wins the battle by offering outstanding flavor.

Hyde Edge Recharge 3300 Puffs Review

Now you can have the longer puffs for your vaping session because the Hyde Edge Recharge pen is there to offer 3300 draws and uses 600mAh power. This fantastic puff capacity ranks the rechargeable Edge vape among the top-selling e-cig devices because of its top-notch classical packaging, gorgeous design with duple party color combination. Nicotine dosage doesn’t put the user’s life at stake. Because the strength of salt nicotine in vape juice nor cross the 5 percent. As a concern, each Edge 3300 puffs device tank holds 10mL vape juice. You can revitalize the Hyde Recharge disposable pen with a micro USB charger when the battery gets down. Moreover, with just one recharging, you will be able to enjoy vapors for hours. Flavors for grabbing are Blue Razz, Strawberries & Cream, Apple Ice, and 22 more.

How It Packs

The packaging of Hyde Edge 3300 Puffs is pretty informative. Every basic info is mentioned, like flavor, ingredients, and nicotine level. I honestly expressed what I found in the pack of the best disposable vapes. The packaging clearly states that this vape contains 5% addictive nicotine. Whatever savor you grab, this will hold the five percent Nic in 10mL e-liquid. Enough to keep you away from craving for a ciggy. What’s next? I noticed the QR code to be found on the backside of the pack. What’s the role? This barcode permits the vapers that they can check for surety. Either Hyde Edge Recharge is an authentic product from official Hyde or not. Briefly, the packaging of Edge 3300 doesn’t provide a micro USB charger.

What It Looks Like And How It Feels When Touching

The red to green color combination makes the Hyde Edge Recharge Raspberry Watermelon good-looking and cool. It has a non-greasy texture that I adore. Satisfying, and no plastic or anything is coming off the design. That’s astonishing, so not too frighted that refined texture will crack. Remember, the Edge Recharge uses plastic packaging all over the vape pen for protection, and the tank is tacky enough because it takes care of the look of disposable devices, aside from flavor. The light lit up slightly below the Edge Recharge disposable device when I took a puff. In addition, you can notice the beautiful logo of the brand and the button for setting the airflow at the lower end of the vape. What a chic look!

Adjustable Airflow of The Hyde Edge Recharge

I tested the smallest adjustable airflow, light blinks. Whenever I press the button at the right bottom of the pod, it gives the impression that it does not have variable airflow. Fairly excellent because having better open airflow and inclusively no complaints.

Dense Vapor Is Enough To Vape Tricks

Here is the trick I used for dense vapor. Though I regularly activate the airflow settings. Honestly, my lips got the mouthwatering taste. Clouds density got thickness when I hit the highest point. Our team and I take a long draw, adjust and increase the airflow via a petite button. That is fastened on end for dense vapors.

Flavor Recommendations  

Surely, the flavor is the crucial factor that a vaper keeps in mind while purchasing the best disposable e-cigs. Do you agree selecting a savor is not easy as taking a snap? Hyde Edge Raspberry Watermelon flavor prepared with a little touch of iciness. My throat increased in value the taste intensified my cravings for more draws. I regularly choose the Raspberry Watermelon for vaping. I will keep relishing this flavor in the future too. The genuine aroma of watermelon and berries. Surprisingly good! Combo of 2 fresh, taken aback pre-filled fruits e-juice. Let the Hyde Edge Recharge vape juice ingredients provoke the taste buds!

Hyde Edge Rave 4000 Puffs Review

Our team’s first pick of a lightweight, disposable vape is Hyde Edge Rave. No more options or setting to make clutter. Additionally, this vape pen doesn’t need hands-on experience. The draw is fine, and cloud vapor production is on the mark. The puff outcome is amazing and more than our team and I expect from the best disposable e-cig.

What’s Inside The Hyde Edge Rave 4000 Puffs Packaging

It’s packed in a squared style and stunning tube. It is booming a pre-filled 10mL e-liquid that settles and produces a wonderful flavor hit. Over and above, 50mg nicotine salt, plus supports a hurriedly rechargeable 600mAh battery. Get a 4000 puff count that lasts for an entire week, even if you vape for many hours per day. Enjoy tobacco-free light and dense clouds pack. The timeless, whimsical tasty flavor range of Hyde Edge Rave includes Dewberry, Peach Gummy & 17 more.

What It Looks Like

I took the plastic wraps off to see how the Hyde Edge Rave looks. What did I see next after taking away the nice plastic cover? The squared tube design gives a solid grip to hold. Furthermore, a translucent tank of Edge Rave where vape juice seems to be bubbling up. Knockout, what a look!

There was a port on this vape pen for recharging. Take the sticky sticker and get it off from the bottom of the vape stick. Here you’ll find an adjustable airflow circular button-like swivel. It lights up as I inhale. That’s incredible.

How’s The Vapor Hit With Adjustable Airflow

Swivel the button to adjust the airflow, and I clicked it. It lights up and hits harder. Felt buzzing. I adjusted the airflow, and my throat started felting the intense hits. If you adjust as I did or activate the button, you can get lots of clouds, too, with the stronger hit. Long inhale and variable airflow both works magically. One of the best Hyde disposable e-cig that never disappoint us!

Glow When Inhaling: Hyde Edge Rave How To Use

Using the Edge Rave is laid-back. It started glowing with the auto draw. Different beautiful rave lights glow, felt like I was at the party. If you are not sure at the beginning at what point you will get the harder hit. Or if your Hyde Edge Rave is not working, you should adjust the density and airflow with the swivel button by moving back and forth. Max out and enjoy insane flavors and vapors with glowing lights.  

Flavor Recommendations

I compared the Mango Peaches & Cream flavor of rechargeable Hyde Edge Rave with other e-cigs savors. Honest review, mango overpowers the peach and tastes so creamy like vanilla ice cream. It’s the best Hyde flavor to take a hit when it’s summer. I never tried slightly closing this flavor before. But nowadays, I do a lot. I highly endorse Mango Peaches & Cream to vapers who demand to feel like eating smoothie fruits. All summer, Hyde flavors have a small percentage of cooling feelings.

Wait, what’s next? I overlook to mention Dewberry flavor and how it tastes? Delicate honeydew cream and sugary aroma. Sweet lovers can vape it all day, a great cure for delicious cravings. What do I think? Everyone must taste the slice of strawberry & honeydew for summer. Let’s smother the throat and tongue with potent Hyde Dewberry flavor.  

Hyde Edge Series Comparison

 Hyde EdgeHyde Edge RechargeableHyde Edge Rave
Puff Count1500 Puffs3300 Puffs4000 Puffs
Approximate Price$14.99$17.99$18.99
Flavor Options373022
Battery Capacity1100mAh600mAh600mAh
Nicotine Level50mg50mg50mg (TFN)
Pros1.Duckbilled Mouthpiece1.Duckbilled Mouthpiece 
2.Adjustable Airflow
1.Duckbilled Mouthpiece 
2.Adjustable Airflow 3.Rechargeable
4.Glow While Inhaling

FAQs For Hyde Edge Series

How Much Is A Hyde Edge?

Hyde Edge disposable e-cig costs $14.99, which is an affordable and money-saving coolest vape. While the other two advanced versions, Edge Recharge and Edge Rave, will cost about $17 to $20.

How Long Does A Hyde Edge Last?

Most of the time, a Hyde Edge goes on two weeks or peradventure more. Mainly two factors decide how long a Hyde disposable vape lasts as long as you have vape juice in a pod. Secondly, suppose you didn’t max out the puffs limit. Keep these two factors under check, and Edge Rave will last longer and keep hitting the throat with a cherishing taste.  

How To Recharge Hyde Edge?

Hyde Edge Rechargeable series have a forte in that they include the charging USB port at the bottom. You should start by connecting a charging cable with a micro interface. Next, hook it’s another end with a charger. Now, turn ON the power supply, and the Hyde Edge device will be rejuvenated soon. Isn’t it easy?      

Can I Refill A Hyde Edge Rave?

Well, this disposable vape pen is non-refillable. Edge Rave includes the pre-filled tank that is completely bursting with flavored vape juice. The non-refillable design means opening the packaging, taking out the Hyde Edge Rave, and starting vaping. As the name itself gives a sense, dispose of me when I’m depleted with your favorite nicotine e-juice and draws. That’s it. However, a few people are still curious to know if the vape has disassembled design. Can they reload the disposable vape pod with e-juice by themselves instead of buying another one? Hyde disposable vape devices don’t have this kind of design. Because it considers the environment and user safety, disassembling vape design can be risky. The cotton coil in disposable vapes that perhaps may cause a burnt taste during vaping. Since these kinds of coils already possess carbon deposits. Therefore, disposable vape e-juice refilling could create a mess. Don’t risk yourself to save a few pennies. So order the new Hyde Edge Rave and enjoy the flavorful life.

Wrapping Up

We recommend the Hyde Edge series as listed above. They are all budget-friendly devices. Pack these disposable vapes in a bag to make your life easier. My team and I always look forward to trying the Hyde flavors, which are best for nicotine vapers. Plus, tobacco lovers will forget the cigarette after giving a shot to the tempting available flavors of the Hyde Edge series. You can travel around the vape market and get such a handy, perfect top-tier best disposable vape device as Hyde offers.

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