Hyde Rebel Series Overview

Hyde Rebel series are among the top disposable vape pens on the market. This product is ready-for-use and needs no filling. You can recharge it, and once the e-liquid is finished, you can throw it out. Our team has tried most vape flavors, and we found that the Hyde Rebel series is among the star products from Hyde disposables. These products come with a pre-charged battery and prefilled e-liquid combined as an easy-to-use unit. Let’s explore! Below is more than a Hyde Rebel review but a helpful user experience and suggestions.

Hyde Rebel Recharge 4500 Puffs Review

Hyde Rebel is known for its ergonomic style and smooth grip. With a vape juice volume of 10mL, you are assured of about 4500 puffs. This vape pen has a nicotine potency of 5% and comes with a rechargeable battery whose capacity is 600mAh. You can recharge the battery using a USB cable and continue enjoying your puffs until it has run out. With 19 flavor options, you will be spoilt for choice when it comes to Hyde Rebel.

How It Packs And What It Looks Like

LED Indication When Recharging It

The device has a LED light indicator that indicates its power status. When you are recharging the battery, the light will pop up.

Vapor And Puff Test

The Rebel puffs are satisfying in general. The first thing I noticed when vaping on this product was its sweet vapor. The puffs are super dank, and you may show your vape tricks with its dense vapor.

Two Biggest Advantages of Hyde Rebel

While using this product, two pros stood out: long-lasting and cost-effective. My Hyde Rebel vape pen lasted for three weeks, and I got more than 4500 puffs! With its 600mAh battery capacity, you will only need to recharge this vape pen only about five times.

Is it worth your money? Definitely, yes. A Rebel disposable vape pen costs no more than $20. Given that you will get approximately 4500, our team feels that you will get value for your money.

Hyde Rebel Flavors Test And My Ratings

Following are the top Rebel vape flavors:

  • Strawberries And Cream

Our team sampled several flavors, and we all agreed that Strawberries and Cream topped the list. We all like sweet flavors, right? We recommend this flavor for those of us with a sweet tooth. Your taste buds will be satisfied with Hyde Rebel Strawberries And Cream.

  • Peach Mango Watermelon

If you like the taste of fruits, such as peaches, watermelons, and mangoes, then you should try these flavors. We sampled this flavor, and we testified to its satisfying effect. The mango flavor is the most noticeable, with notes of the peaches and watermelons. This blend of fruits, the Hyde Rebel Peach Mango Watermelon will knock your socks off!

  • Tropical Gummy

Before trying this flavor, we sniffed it, and it smells just as the name suggests: gummy-ish! While vaping, the hit was strong, with its Caribbean punch gummy flavor coming out remarkably strongly. This flavor is incredibly sweet; you will be tempted to vape it to the end.

General Score and comments on the recommended flavors:

Among the three flavors, the Hyde Rebel Tropical Gummy carried the day! Our team scored each flavor out of 10, and tropical gummy had an average score of 9. Strawberries & Cream followed with a score of 8.5, while Peach Mango Watermelon followed closely at 7. Notwithstanding the ratings, all these three flavors are incredible!

Hyde Rebel Pro Recharge 5000 Puffs Review

Hyde Rebel vape pen comes packed in a box labeled “Hyde Rebel.” This disposable vape has a compact and sleek design that allows you to have a tight grip while vaping. It features a cylindrical design that makes the grip even better. What is more, its battery is rechargeable using a Micro-USB charger. However, the package doesn’t include the charger. You may need to buy it separately or use the compatible charger in your home.

Hyde Rebel Pro is an upgraded version of the Hyde Rebel. It offers more puffs than the original 4500 puff version, making it a PRO choice if you are looking for enhanced vape pen durability. With a vape juice capacity of 11mL, you can enjoy your vaping without worrying about getting another vaping device soon. What is more, the e-liquid has a nicotine potency of 5%. Its rechargeable battery has a capacity of 600mAh. You also have 22 flavors from which to choose based on your preferences.

How It Packs

Hyde Rebel Pro is packed in a similar box to the one used for Rebel 4500, but it is labeled “REBEL PRO.”

What It Looks Like: Size And Design

Like the original Rebel 4500, this PRO 5000 puff disposable vape is medium-sized and sleek with a compact design. It also maintains a textured pattern in its outlook, which allows a solid grip. However, its flat backside is longer than that of the original Rebel device.

How’s The Vapor And Puff

I can testify that the vapor from Hyde Rebel Pro is sweet and massive. It hits nicely, giving you a great vaping experience. The vapor density is beyond my expectation. I think it provides superb vapor as a simple disposable vape pen.

Hyde Rebel Pro Flavors Recommendations

Among the flavors that our team sampled, Fresh Vanilla was rated highest (9/10). This flavor is absolutely delicious and tastes more like the vanilla icing used on cakes. It is so delicious you want to keep vaping on and on.

Our team also rated Sour Apple Ice flavor highly (8.7/10). I noticed that this Hyde Rebel Pro flavor left a fresh taste in the mouth.

Hyde Rebel V.S Hyde Rebel Pro

The design and the look of these devices are similar, except that Hyde Rebel Pro has a longer backside than the original Rebel Recharge. Moreover, the number of puffs you get from the two also differs. With the Rebel original version, you will get approximately 4500 puffs. On the contrary, you will get approximately 5000 puffs from Hyde Rebel Pro.

FAQs On Hyde Rebel Series

Hyde Rebel Blinking When Charging?

It will be bling when charging to show that the battery is fully charged. Therefore, you need to unplug the charger and enjoy your vapes.

How To Charge Hyde Rebel?

This product comes with a battery that you can easily recharge. It has a Micro-USB charging spot at the bottom. You can easily use a USB cable to charge your Hyde REBEL.

How Long Do You Charge A Hyde Rebel?

Once the battery is drained, you should recharge it for about 30 minutes. You can tell that it is fully charged by looking out for blinks.

How Long Does A Hyde Rebel Last?

It can last for quite some time. Depending on your usage, the vape can last for more than two weeks.

How Much Is A Hyde Rebel?

A Hyde Rebel is quite affordable. If you are shopping for one, it should cost you no more than $20 at an online vape shop.


Now, you see! The rechargeable Hyde Rebel and Hyde Rebel Pro are among the star products from the Hyde brand. Moreover, you will enjoy delicious vapors in different flavors. If you are looking for the best vaping experience, try these disposable vapes, and we assure you that you will never regret it.

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