Hyde Rebel Series Overview

Hyde Retro series is all set for you if you hope to elevate your vaping experience. Retro Hyde disposable vape gives you the same feel as a non-disposable vape but with better options and quality. You can enjoy multiple flavors with a perfect percentage of nicotine that is enough to give you a light taste without much harm to your body.

The exciting thing about Hyde Retro disposable Series? Many products of this series offer you rechargeable batteries, which make your life easier as you will not have to invest in batteries. Another plus point is you can have an additional light feature in most models that are useful for you at night. Now let’s get further to the following review of them.

Hyde Retro 4000 Puffs Review

Hyde Retro is powered by a 400mAH rechargeable battery, suitable for vape users who don’t want to pay extra for batteries. A 5% TFN nicotine gives you a flavor without feeling tobacco taste. The best thing is that you can have fun with more than 26 Hyde Retro flavors. What’s more, a count of 4000 puffs keeps your vaping up for more than twenty days, so you don’t need to purchase a vape pen frequently.

How It Packs

Each Hyde Retro 4000 is packed in a box that delivers complete information about the product. Such an informative package is helpful even for new disposable vape users. Plus, the material used to pack is reliable and does not let any damage to the product. It ensures and witnesses that the vape pen product inside is authentic.

What It Looks Like

Hyde Retro recharge comes with a perforated seal on its top that makes sure the vape pen is not used before you unlock the seal. It has a sleek finish, and there is a charging port under the vape pen. All its special designs are something you will not see in any other disposable vape pens.

Why Is My Hyde Retro Not Hitting

Your Retro 4000 puffs will not hit when you cover the light on the back of the vape pen because it is an air outlet that helps while you inhale from this disposable vape.

Lighting Feature of Hyde Retro

Hyde Retro disposable vape comes with a fantastic LED light. This light automatically turns on when you inhale through the vape pen. You may call it an indicator that your vape is working.

How’s The Vapor Cloud

For me, the vapor cloud of Hyde Retro vape is visible and does not vary strong. However, it is enough to keep every puff worth it. Besides, the mouthpiece is designed to make you feel comfortable while you inhale.

Hyde Retro Flavors Review

Raspberry Watermelon is my favorite Hyde flavor. The redness of both fruits with a mix of sweet and citric flavors will give out the best vape flavor for you. In short, raspberry and watermelon give a worth-tasting flavor to this disposable vape pen. Cola Ice is another flavor that I love. I have to say, anyone who is a fan of cola and ice must try this flavor as it presents you with a chilled cola feel when you inhale from the vape stick.

Hyde Retro Rave 5000 Puffs Review

Hyde Retro Rave is manufactured precisely for you if you are looking for a rechargeable disposable vape pen that can give you almost 5000 puffs. You can have fun with a massive count of puffs that are never-ending to provide you with fantastic flavor. The prefilled vape juice can go on for many days without stopping since it can be recharged via the micro-USB port.

What It Looks Like

The moment you remove the plastic cover from Hyde Retro Rave vape, you will be surprised by its unique look, color, design, and mouthpiece. A fun thing about this one is that you can have an illuminated puff each time you inhale from the vape pen stick. Add this beautifully designed vape to your personality because its charming design will give you a new look.

Vapor And Vape Trick Test

I have tried Retro Rave disposable vape. The vape trick test gave a pleasant feeling with a dragon rip puff. Also, I experienced an excellent sizeable cloud that is worth purchasing this vape.

Lighting Ring At The Vape Pen Bottom

When I inhale from Retro Rave Hyde, it gives a circle-shaped light under the vape, and it is not only what it presents. I experienced light in the whole vape. By the way, this disposable vape is auto-draw, and it gets activated when you inhale it.

Hyde Retro Rave Flavors Review

Here are 2 of my favorite vape flavors from Retro Rave. Peach Mango Watermelon is full of a combination of three fruits that offer their distinct flavor. If you have ever tasted ice tea, this flavor will be your favorite. Strawberry Kiwi is another Hyde flavor that satisfies my taste bud. It is a mixture of strawberries with Kiwi that makes this flavor something unique. These two beautiful fruits act as amazing savors in the vapor.

Hyde Retro V.S Hyde Retro Rave

 Hyde RetroHyde Retro Rave
Puff Count4000 Puffs5000 Puffs
Flavor Options27 Flavors27 Flavors
Battery Capacity400mAh400mAh
E-Liquid12mL13 mL
LED LightA small dot on the backA circle shape at the bottom
Glow At NightNoYes
PackagePlastic TubePlastic Tube

FAQs About Hyde Retro Series

No matter beginners or experienced vapers, people may confuse about Hyde Retro series disposable vape. Below are some frequently asked questions that I collect for you to enhance your vaping.

How Many Hits Does A Hyde Retro Have?

Each Retro recharge model offers a significant number of puffs that is enough for long-term use. Talking about Hyde Retro, you can have 4000 puffs, while Retro Rave offers approximately 5000 puffs.

Hyde Retro Recharge How To Use?

Hyde Retro series disposable vape works with a straightforward method. It has an auto-draw system, so the moment you inhale, the vape device will automatically work without any extra effort.

How Long Does It Take To Charge A Hyde Retro?

Retro disposable vape of Hyde is designed in a way that it can be recharged within 20-30 minutes. You do not have to wait for long hours before you can take a shot of your favorite vape flavor.

How Much Is A Hyde Retro?

It costs about $20 with all its features and any flavor you want. However, it keeps on offering you discounts. If you get lucky, you can even have it for only $17.99.

How Long Does A Hyde Retro Last?

It can last up to two weeks as it comes with 4000 puffs. Such a massive number of puffs can be enough for people who regularly use vaping. Still, everything depends on you, and it may only last a week if you use it frequently.


In this Hyde Retro recharge review, it’s clear that a disposable vape pen is the most preferred way of having nicotine with any flavor you want. Hyde Retro vape product line is designed with a simple-to-use method and a high number of puffs suitable for long uses without needing to purchase a new vape again and again. You have multiple choices to select the one that suits your needs and desires. Or you can pick one from our flavor reviews. Imagine when you have a Retro Hyde vape pen, and you do not need to worry about anything because it offers you the best quality vapor.

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